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BFDI Educational Services (BES) includes an array of essential functions that are characteristics of most Educational Service Providers. The leadership of BES has 16 years of experience providing back-office support to Hope Academy, prior to assuming the Educational Service Provider role in 2014. In the role of an approved Educational Service Provider, BES is providing the following support to Hope Academy:

BES is committed to advance the vision and mission of
Hope Academy, as approved by the Hope Academy Board of
BES assumes the responsibility of recruitment, selection,
and hiring of all highly qualified personnel, and associated
human resource functions.
Through operational and business functions, BES accepts the
responsibility of ensuring the effective and efficient
day-to-day functions of the school.
BES provides oversight for all school business administration,
such as purchasing, office management, and facility functions.
BES manages all aspects of the school's finances, such as
accounting, general ledger management, financial reporting,
payroll, payroll tax compliance, employee benefits,
and bond finance management.
BES assists with the acquisition of instructional materials,
equipment and supplies, and the administration of any
and all extra-curricular and co-curricular activities and
programs approved and included in the school's budget.
BES is committed to ensure that the school meets or exceeds the
charter performance contract goals, as identified by the
authorizer, Eastern Michigan University, and
approved by the Board of Directors.

Reference: Training Materials (FSU)


Hope Academy
12121 Broadstreet Ave.
Detroit, MI 48204

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