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Welcome to BES

BFDI Educational Services (BES) offers a wide range of programs and services designed to promote and enhance the educational experience for students, staff and their families. BES personnel have extensive experience and expertise in the fields of education financing, recruitment and student services management.

BES has a marked history of managing educational institutions and began managing Hope Academy in 2014. With decades of management experience, BES leadership team can help you or your institution as well!

BES Advisory Board

Robert Thornton
Dr. Ann Smith
Dr. Phyllis I. Vroom

Executive Leadership

  • Alice G. Thompson, CEO
  • Jane Fernanders, CFO
  • Tanya Traylor, Executive Assistant
  • Superintendent

  • Dr. Ronald Williams
  • Principal

  • Patricia Davis
  • Hope Academy Board of Directors

  • Angela Polk, President
  • Vera Hurt, Vice President
  • Chedrin Chambers, Secretary
  • Kenneth Davis, Treasurer

  • * The mission of Hope Academy is to provide a positive, nurturing and collaborative educational environment where we ensure the intellectual and physical development of every student
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